ICF C1 and ICF C2 (Canoe)

OMCKRA specifications read: Dimensions and weights sanctioned by the International Canoe Federation for Marathon are to take precedence. ICF C1s are to be no more than 520 cm long and weigh no less than 10 kg.  ICF C2s to be no more than 650 cm long and weigh no less than 14 kg.

examples with manufacturers descriptions

ICF C1 (Canoe)

Manufactures description: Length 17' (520 cm); Width 21.65" (55 cm); Depth 12.25" (31 cm); Weight 32 to 35 lbs (14.5 to 16 kg); model: Karina; sold by Simon River

ICF C2 (Canoe)

Manufactures description: Length 21.5' (650 cm); Width 16"" (41 cm); Depth 113" (33 cm); Weight 39 to 42 lbs (17.7 to 20 kg); model: Hydra; sold by Simon River