What does NCCP stand for?

National Certified Coaching Program

What is an NCCP Coach Developer?

Coach Developers are the leaders, the role models, and the ambassadors of the National Certified Coaching Program (NCCP). NCCP Coach Developers include Learning Facilitators (LFs), Coach Evaluators (CEs), and Master Coach Developers (MCDs).

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What is the process to have races/events "sanctioned"?

Race organizers (RO) must become members and fill in a sanctioning request form describing the event & race classes and providing contact information. This application form is reviewed by a sanctioning committee prior to being approved or rejected.  The application form itself is an agreement.  RO agree to follow the Marathon safety policy, have participants sign waivers naming OMCKRA, provide their Emergency Action Plan, report results & list of  participant names with addresses along with any fees due for non-member participants.  RO must maintain waivers and information on their volunteers.  Pearson Dunn advised that waivers should be kept for years.

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