Goal:  To increase the number and strength of Marathon paddlers in Ontario.

The A, B, C Strategy...

Accreditation Strategy

related objectives for 2020
- gap analysis on how to measure paddler proficiency
- assign athletes to provincial team
- educate and reward paddlers using points system

Building Blocks Strategy

related objectives in 2020
- provide information on paddling clinics/'pods' to paddlers
- update the manual and provide to paddlers
- provide how to guides for training on web, newsletter
- merchandise for purchase

Collaboration Strategy

related objectives in 2020
- develop paddlers corner on website
- update paddlers on events through newsletter, webpage, Facebook, email and annual meeting
- one or more 'social' events for members
- survey monkey of members asking for input on what worked what didn't work

measuring paddler proficiency

Points system. Strength training.


provincial team qualifications



national team qualifications

Paddlers Corner

go to shared documents page to post and read articles find out about training. See a list of paddling 'pods' where you can link up with other paddlers.