The Objective of OMCKRA's Race Development Program (RDP) is to increase the number and quality of Marathon races and race organizers in Ontario.

The A, B, C Strategy...

Accreditation Strategy

related goals for 2018
- train 5 roving race volunteers
- get 2 of the races to use the roving volunteers
- begin development of a formal Marathon official accreditation

Building Blocks Strategy

related goals in 2018
- provide boat class nomenclature to organizers
- update sanctioning form and EAP, waiver examples
- provide buoys to organizers
- gap analysis on race tracking systems that could be used by all organizers
- webinar training session with insurance provider
- update the manual and provide to organizers

Collaboration Strategy

related goals in 2018
- develop organizers corner on website
- hold one or more meetings with organizers
- provide reports of meetings to other organizers

Developing Marathon Paddling Race Officials (M-PRO) accreditation

Marathon Paddling Race Officials need to understand Marathon boat specifications; for example simple things from knowing that a 'tandem' boat has two paddlers in it to the difference between an ICF C2 and a Pro C2 and why this matters.  They need to know the Marathon safety policy and why it matters in long distance races.  Marathon Race Officials need to know the insurance policy in place and requirements of that policy.

The goal for 2018 is to develop a fleet of Marathon Paddling Race Officials (M-PRO team) able to drop in and assist and train Race Organizers and their volunteers.

Organizers Corner

Collaboration area for Race Organizers.